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The products they use don't deliver expected results!AVOID AT ALL COSTS THE PRODUCTS DON'T WORK no matter how much you spend! Furthermore the only way to resolve your unhappy experience is to spend more for yet more unfavourable results, cut your loses and move on! Save your money and please don't let them talk you into spending more for better results because the original product wasn't enough, oddly this is what Elka the derma filler queen...
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I didn't like
  • Pushy sales staff elka the manager
  • Do not be fooled by her rederic
  • Manager elkas resoultion is to keep spending more money
This place is a scam!Do not waste your money , after Elka convinced me to purchase another 350 worth of product for a total of 550.00 for zero results! She gave some *** story about how deep my lines were and that I needed more product and for another 565.00 I would get better results. I've never heard so much nonsense the Groupon basically entitles you to nothing expect spending 250.00 and an additional 350.00 once again for negligible...
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